Bamboo is a dense and hard material and is a popular choice as it is a renewable resource. It is actually an extremely rapid growing grass that reaches maturity in 5-7 years for sustainable harvesting. Bamboo is known for its distinct “knuckle” characteristic at growth joints. It is also known for its warm coloring and linear graining. Bamboo is one of the wood species that remains color stable with age and sunlight exposure. This means that bamboo cabinets will not lighten or darken too much over time. Bamboo can come in a number of different stains and can come as a solid or a veneer for kitchen cabinets.

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Contemporary Kitchen / Door: Capella / Finish: Nutmeg Stain On Bamboo

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Environmentally Friendly Bar / Door: Capella / Finish: Nutmeg Stain On Bamboo

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Rustic Country Kitchen / Door: Dorado / Finish: Cherry Stain On Bamboo

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Ecletic Kitchen / Door: Trifid / Finish: Autumn Cherry Stain on Bamboo

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