Alternative Materials

Alternative Materials are often used for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry when a more sleek or contemporary look is desired. Although wood is always a good option, materials such as Acrylics, Wired
Foils, Plastic Veneers or Textured Foils add extra characteristics and dimension to any space.

Acrylic Gloss features a colored layer that is permanently fused with a clear, ultra – high gloss acrylic that is flat laminated to a stable MDF core. Wired Gloss Foils featured a directional wired pattern that is very subtle to the eye. This material is also flat laminated onto a stable MDF core.

Both Acrylic and Wired Gloss come in glossy finishes and can come in a variety of patterns. Some Pattered Gloss Foils can resemble Zebrawood or Wenge. Other Foils or Acrylics come in different solid colors to allow for a clean and contemporary design.

Textured Foils, Wood Grain Foils and Satin Foils are permanently fused to an MDF Core. Textured Foils have a wood grain type of pattern that is prominent to the touch, adding a textile element to kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. Wood Grain and Textured Foils are often mistaken for real wood.

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