Riddhi Pandit Riddhi Pandit

Riddhi Pandit

  • JOB TITLE: Design Coordinator

Working as a Design Coordinator, Riddhi joined Gilmans Kitchens and Baths to pursue her dream to work in the residential remodel industry. Working previously in the field of commercial architecture for 7 years, this was a chance to understand clients, especially the love and warmth they have for their homes where every detail matters.

Her role is to guide the clients throughout the remodel process while simultaneously coordinating with different associated teams of the company to execute the design. She feels the design process and working with clients is like making and executing an intricate and beautiful jigsaw puzzle where every piece should fit in correctly.

Riddhi lives by the mantra given by her mother, ‘Luck and talent are overrated, hard work is the key to success’. In her spare time, she loves to dance, spend time with her family and friends, travel and sometimes just do nothing and watch television.