Amna Samaraae Amna Samaraae

Amna Samaraae Design Build

As a Design Assistant for the Gilmans Design Build team, Amna carries out various tasks such as design concepts and drawings, planning, picking out materials with the clients and creating product packages.

Amna started her career as an Architect and has had architectural and design experiences outside of the US, and within the US as well. Having worldwide exposure has given Amna a wide range of experiences to inspire her while creating designs. She is very motivated to make a positive change in her clients lives through the remodeling projects she handles through Gilmans.

Her sense of design started at a very early age while growing up having her mom involved in design, furniture design, and fashion design. Amna believes that anything can be created from scratch. She creates most of her projects with a bit of imagination, a bit of creativity, and a bit of intelligence. “Everything around us is inspirational”, she says.

Amna Graduated from a five-year program with a professional degree in Architecture from the University of Baghdad, Iraq in 2012.

Outside of design, Amna enjoys outdoor activities, she practices surfing, swimming, Tennis, hiking and biking. She enjoys trying new authentic food with friends.