The Kitchen Layout

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There are several kitchen layouts from the Galley kitchen, to the L- Shaped kitchen to the ever increasing popularity of the One-Wall kitchen. Explore three of the most popular kitchen layouts and determine which one works best for you!


The Galley kitchen layout is typically characterized by two parallel walls or countertops with both ends open into other parts of the home. More recently, the Open Galley Kitchen has become more popular, where one wall is open to the dining room or living area to make way for casual entertainment.

This layout is popular because of it’s space saving characteristics in a home with limited space. It is also popular for it’s ease of use in terms of cooking and cooking prep. Most galley kitchens will have the sink on one side and the range on the other, making it easy for the cook for move back and forth between the sink, range and refrigerator.

It is important to consider using good lighting such as skylights, overhead and under-cabinet lighting in a galley kitchen to keep it bright. Also consider using a balance of lighter colored tile, cabinets and/or countertops to keep the space from appearing too constricted.


A common “go-to” when there is not enough room for a kitchen island in the home or space, is the U-Shaped kitchen. The U-Shaped kitchen layout is a larger version of the Galley kitchen layout as it comprises of three walls or sides, with one end closed off. The U-shape allows for a much more open floor plan in a limited space, making it easy for the cook to move around the kitchen, while being able to entertain at the same time.

The peninsula in a U-shaped kitchen provides extra prep or cooking space, as well as an informal or casual area for others to dine or work.


One of of the most popular layouts these days is the L-Shaped kitchen due to it’s versatility and open concept. The L-Shaped kitchen is ideal for entertaining and socializing, as well as tons of storage. As the refrigerator, sink, oven and range are positioned farther apart in an L-Shaped kitchen, zones for specific functions such as prep, cooking, baking and eating are established vs. the implementation of the traditional work triangle.

Another reason for the layout’s popularity is due to the popular demand of the kitchen island. An island in the kitchen allows for extra storage, countertop space and multifunctional use in the kitchen.