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What’s new in kitchen cabinets?

Let’s start by touching on the major element, the cabinetry. There are different styles of cabinets but these days cabinets painted white, gray or blue, are all trending, as solid colors are becoming more popular everyday. Cabinets are the main parts of a kitchen, hence the project. While we are working with our customers, we specify cabinets, all the countertops, the hardware, the tile flooring, the sink, the faucet, and all the installation of all those pieces.

At the very beginning, we need to specify and clarify everything as with as many details as possible. We start by figuring out what your style is and this is done by allowing you to choose the cabinets. We have every type and style of cabinets, plus any other element you will need for your project.

While designing your kitchen there are many ways to reflect your style and combine all the materials well. For instance, we can choose a beautiful wood cabinet, a beautiful black walnut, and then lighten things up with a beautiful backsplash, a very light color on the wall and then add a granite countertop that would look like wood to complete the look.

When we plan the entire project, typically, we start from the floor up. Most times, customers are looking to go clear to the ceiling. In a kitchen, sometimes you might have a soffit there, which we remove. Then we add all the lighting, the cabinetry, the countertops, and faucet hardware, and of course, we follow the fabulous design of your choice during installation. We execute the plan and manage the transformation. While doing this we can do a lot with spaces by creating things you may not have thought of which turn the corner in another direction. We do this by creating new spaces so we are giving the kitchen.

Our process starts in the showroom. We can either do an appointment here, or we can also do a Zoom appointment. We want to make sure you are safe and feel free to contact us in any way possible. We can make a Zoom call and talk about your project, make sure that everything is to our liking before we come on-site. That’s absolutely fine with us. We will talk about all the different pieces to your kitchen by first having you send along some pictures of the space. What we’re looking for in those pictures is the door style or cabinet color countertop you have now, but more the lay of the land, looking to see where the walls and windows fall.

Oftentimes your builder has used the least amount of cabinets possible because of course, they were probably on a super strict allowance and they weren’t looking at the grand scheme of kitchens. Things have come a very long way since 20 years ago. Now the kitchen is the hub of your home, a place where your family meets each day, a place where homework gets done, and it’s so much more now than it ever was as a gathering space for your lovely family.

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How are kitchen cabinets installed?

We take a lot more time and effort now and make sure the kitchen is expertly crafted so every nook and cranny has a very usable space for your family. The pictures give us a good lay of the land so we can see without too much of a challenge how we would look to transform them. Then we’re able to talk to you about what works and what doesn’t and what your style might be.

While you are doing your research, you can go to Pinterest, Houzz or you can visit our website and see the kitchens we’ve done. You’ll find some great before and after shots on our website, so do spend some time looking through it. It’s chock full of information. Also, you can see some of the testimonials there and get some idea about our work and relationship with our clients.

Our goal, in the end, is to make friends, and everyone in our building makes a concentrated effort to make sure our customers are happy. We go to great lengths to be sure we fulfill your vision for the kitchen, and also put a very personal stamp on your renovation.

How do you change the existing space? Sometimes you might look at your kitchen and think that you don’t have any idea how to redo this kitchen and make it feel like it’s a good bang for your buck. Sometimes we stay within the existing walls and sometimes we expand the kitchen by removing walls or half walls.

We are trying to place everything in a well-planned environment and make sure every fact of the kitchen has a place and our designers help you with each and every part of the space, We know that sometimes people are perplexed by having it all come together, but our designers are experts at helping your choose the right door style, the right countertop application, the right backsplash, the right countertops for both Island and perimeter, and of course the color scheme and even down to the hardware and the paint color.

We leave no stone unturned in helping you make all those selections. We can move the things in a different direction and put them in a different position, and we help you choose every material detailed for the existing space. For instance, we can move the fridge or we can change the place of the window. What we mean by these examples is we can create more useful and functional space for your kitchen.

While making your kitchen more functional we never skip the aesthetics. We put the plan in place according to your taste and style. When you come in we’ll kind of try to uncover what looks you like, i.e. you like modern or do you like farmhouse? Or do you want:

  • modern kitchen with a full-height backsplash,
  • slab door, unique light fixtures,
  • island with a countertop that contains great material choices?

We will try to unpack your taste and educate you to find it right. You don’t need to be overwhelmed between the style choices because there are many different styles of kitchens such as; there is a traditional style which we can’t evolve too much to a modern look, but there are some styles you can mix and obtain a unique taste.

The countertop is another major part of your kitchen. There two different styles of countertop materials; natural stone and engineered stone. As most know, granite and quartz are the main popular products you may have heard a lot about. Oftentimes people come in not knowing the difference between granite or quartz, so let’s explain them.

Granite is a product that comes from the earth and is not manmade. It comes in some lively prints. Needless to say, we will help you with the choice for your granite, if you decide to go with that. We know that it’s an important material to care for because from lot to lot granites can fluctuate.

Then there is the quartzite, which also comes from the earth. But has properties of both marble and granite, and is different from quartz, which is manmade. Quartzite is very strong and durable because it carries some properties of marble. It can also etch, and it can be porous. It looks a little bit like marble but we do have to be careful with it.

For instance; If you’re making lemonade, or cutting tomatoes, or beets, those are all things that could make the quartzite etch, or because it’s porous in some places, it’s something you have to be careful of. They’re all sealed for a lifetime now, so if you buy it from us, you’re guaranteed your quartz and quartzite is sealed for a lifetime.

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Kitchen Cabinet Accessories and Handles

There are some really beautiful wood finishes. We finish everything with a very durable finish, so you don’t have to worry about it over time. But wood does need to be taken care of like a fine piece of furniture, it’s not for everyone.

So, let’s just talk a little bit about appliances. You almost want to do your appliances a little earlier in the process than you may think because they take a while to get for your kitchen. The application part is important as well as the other parts of your kitchen. Installation and the placement of the appliances play a big role in the project.

For instance, if you have a panel-ready refrigerator and in addition to that a coffee maker, all that is integrated. Placing all these items into the kitchen right will have a big effect on the usefulness of the spaces. We can make a space for these items or with the right countertop selection we can put them on the countertop without any harm.

Also, there are many styles of appliances and many different designs of hoods. There are:

  • Glass hoods,
  • Wood hoods,
  • Wall-Mount Range Hoods, etc.

As the basic part of the kitchen, sinks are now the most used appliance in your kitchen. They always were probably, but now we’re kind of hyper-focused on them because there are so many elements we can add to the sink to make it more functional for you. Sinks are involved as well as the cabinets. They are different color selections and a mixture of metal textures. These are all great elements you can add to your kitchen.

What else do we handle? We handle from the floor up so the flooring is part of it all. We handle tile, hardwood piece, or luxury vinyl. Hardwood is what most people choose for flooring because it’s warmer underfoot in the cold colder months. In addition, it’s softer on our back and neck as we age.

Sometimes people choose tile, especially those who have tile now just because it’s easier and you don’t have to go into a budding room that might be hardwood now. If you have a tile with wood in your budding rooms you might choose tile again just to keep it simple. But for the most part, hardwood is probably the most often demanded flooring option.

Luxury vinyl is a great option if you have large pets because hardwood and big dogs don’t mix. Or if you feel as though you’d like to go from tile to luxury vinyl, that’s also a great option and we have them all here on display backslashes. We do a lot of subways, a lot of blast tiles and beautiful mosaics, herringbones, and here we help you with color, texture, and pattern.

A lot of times people ask about how hard or easy it is to clean backsplashes. The answer is once you have a beautiful backsplash, you start to cap your pots a lot more often, you have a habit more of protecting your backsplash from stains and splashes on your pots. As an expert and your helper, we of course help you with all the decorative hardware, We help you choose your wall color, as well as choose your light fixtures and with all other decision phases.

How much does kitchen cabinets cost?

There is no average cost for a kitchen. Because your house might have a very large space, we use half a million dollars as our budget number. Half a million-dollar house might have a big kitchen space in it or it might have a small kitchen space in it. Your choices will affect your budget, as every material choice might make your budget need to be larger or smaller.

That’s why it’s almost impossible to talk about what kitchens go for and why we have you send us pictures in advance so we can talk about your costs associated with your project. That’s the ‘’a-ha’’ moment that after that first appointment people leave our showroom knowing what their project might cost. Then they really feel like finally can put their arms around it.

What does the price include? Our prices include the materials and installation. Such as; cabinetry, countertops, tile, plumbing fixtures, that would be your sink and faucets and your decorative hardware on the cabinets, as well as any accessories inside the cabinets. Then you can or don’t have to choose us for the construction piece. There’s a lot of options and we go through that very methodically here in the showroom, so you can flow based on your project and your project needs. It’s kind of the scope and then the materials are separate, but we can talk about them altogether.

How long does kitchen remodeling take?

What do you do with your designer? You and the designer collectively start bringing all the elements together. The door style, the countertop color, the faucet tree, both the texture, style and design of the faucet with the hardware, etc. And we have one color of paint going on the perimeter, one color on the island.

These pieces might take one appointment, they might take three. But we help you and guide you so you don’t feel like you’re ever floundering if this isn’t your skillset. Then we generate computer renderings, so you can see it’s very easy if you’re a visual person, which almost everyone is. People need to see what the end result is going to look like. Thanks to these computer programs we are able to show it to you.

Then we also walk through the kitchen and label all of your accessories. Then it really feels like you’re in the space. After all is done, we start demolition and then do the installation. We don’t start before everything is ready. Then we do things pretty methodically. We don’t want anybody floundering or feeling overwhelmed in this process. Then finally, the last phase is unpacking and enjoying it. Finally, after all these steps you achieve your dream kitchen and you can enjoy it.