San Mateo Company Helps Homeowners Prepare for Kitchen Remodeling Consultations

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Why is Kitchen Remodeling Important?

Remodeling any part of your home is an investment. Whether it is small or big, it is a complicated process and needs a touch from professionals. Let’s discuss types of kitchen remodeling or even bathroom remodeling projects. 

As a starting point, you should consider what you do not like about your kitchen and how everything works for you. Write a list about your remodeling project and get some ideas for the style of your project. You can look at Houzz, Pinterest, and our gallery on our website, or you set up an appointment with one of the showroom designers at Gilmans for us to give you an interview about what you want in your kitchen.

After all this research, you should find your style. What style in your house you put and will put. Also, your style of cooking makes a difference while creating your style and choices. You should put every fact together and decide what you want, such as: if you want aesthetics or functionality, or aesthetics and functionality together.

After finding your style, the next step is to walk around the showroom and look at different door styles and colors. We are available through our different manufacturers, and you will have a wide selection.

The next step after that is the designing process. We will come out to do measurements, finalized details with whoever will install your cabinets to make sure everything is working the whole place, and order your materials. Depending on the manufacturer, it may take about 6-8 weeks on average, then after that, we will meet with you and install your kitchen. We have our installation team, and they can do everything for your project. As the last step, it is time to unpack and enjoy your kitchen.

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How to Calculate Kitchen Remodeling Costs

As a big investment, you need to put some budget for your remodeling project and there are many facts to affect your budget. What affects the cost of a remodeling project?

  • The cabinetry is a major factor that will affect your budget: Different types of wood door styles, colors, and features. If you want painted cabinets versus sustained color or laminate. These things will affect the price of cabinetry.
  • A countertop is the second major factor that will affect your budget. The choice of the material, like solid surface or natural stone, or any other materials will affect the price.
  • Appliances will affect the price, too. 

If you want to go low-end or high-end, in some cases, it costs $100,000; it may be higher or lower. It is all about technology; your style also affects your picking and during the construction phase. That is a big part of these types that would affect the overall budget and lighting, flooring, backsplash; these all effective pricing. 

The bathroom items would affect it also depend on your selections and style. You can go higher or lower. Tubs, accessories, all those have different prices, and it does affect a huge amount; there is a lot of work involved with that. For instance, tiling could be very expensive. There are different options to choose from; you could do a solid surface and acrylic wall, you could be tiling or you could do a granite wall. All of those have different practices.

Let’s say, someone who is going to do a big renovation, for example, they’re going to renovate their kitchen and bathroom. Do we have a chance to do that at the same time? The answer is, you could do both. When our customers walk into the showroom and say, hey! I have two renovations and how do you guys handle the process? It would be best to do it at the same time. You could pull one permit for building, plumbing, and electrical, as well as having one walk-through versus paying for many. They do the kitchen first thing for those permits, before completing it and starting another project, and you have to state for additional permits and inspections for the back, it is better to do it all at once.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Types

We have a lot of different kitchen styles and different door styles and everything that are also trends in the market. There are many new colors and types for kitchen cabinets. We’ve seen for probably the last dozen years a little bit more a profusion of white painted shaker style doors that was kind of the mainstay of the industry and it’s still a big portion, but we’re starting to see more and more wood green paintings and a transition away from raised panel doors, which were a very fussy kind of. A lot of people are gradually moving away from very simple doors that are very specialized door types; where the style rails have been reduced to a very thin, narrow design, to have less impact. One thing is where by and large practices in San Francisco, where people tend to have smaller kitchens, and smaller kitchens necessitate having less visual flooded. Another big trend that we’re seeing that’s becoming more and more popular is cabinets and the design not having hardware. That you reach behind the door; pull the door open or the drawer opens without attaching hardboard.

Gilmans Kitchens & BathsCredit: Dewils

About Countertop Materials

Let’s mention the differences between natural stone and engineered stone in terms of durability and ease of use and cost. The quartz industry is diffused. The man-made products are made out of ground quartz, and that material hasn’t had pluses and minuses. It’s a field surface it is not going to handle. It’s a matter of having the customer come into the showroom to see what’s available, and we will educate them on what we can do and what can’t do and how it would fit into their life on whether we deal with granite or marble or quartzite. It’s a process of narrowing down the option. Let’s say you want more options, you are not looking at price, and you have kind of a nice budget to spend because you want something nice. What we recommend you to do is look for natural stone or quartzite. As the general rule granite, marble, and quartz all run pretty much in the same vein as far as price. The difference comes in natural stone when a customer starts selecting unusual colors that are harder to find in nature. For example blue. A blue in the natural stone, very hard to combine and has a very high price attached to it. But by and large, what people are looking for in granite, quartz, and marble are all nice work on it.

How Long Does Kitchen Remodeling Take?

How long should the kitchen innovation take and how long you’re going to be out of their kitchen when you start their projects?

A kitchen renovation specifically runs quite a gamut. Why does it run such a time frame? Possibly a month to say, let’s say 6 months to 8 months is the degree to which there are several components that you are going to make up that renovation. For example, if we’re going to only change the cabinetry out so we’re going to demo the existing or other general contractors going to demo and it won’t be Gilmans way. Have to wait till that’s done. If they just want us to install the cabinetry and work with their countertop that’s one thing, we’ll run a shorter duration, maybe 30 to 45 days. However, if we’re talking about getting a kitchen down to the nitty-gritty and removing a wall or walls to expand the size of the kitchen, then we’ve got many steps, which will include the flooring, the cabinetry, the countertops, painting, lighting, plumbing engineer, verifying and permitting of those walls to be removed of these steps. Then add to the length of time of a given project. Gilmans strives to work with clients and explain what the steps will be and how involved in and how long it will be. Some people, we got everything off. We could create a makeshift small kitchen for them to do some basic rudimentary cooking and cleaning. But if it’s going to be a very involved renovation, where we’re talking a kitchen and two baths or a kitchen and three baths, for one over the years have encouraged people, can they stay with the brand? Because the whole house is going to be torn up. Regardless of all the steps that Gilmans takes to prepare and put zippers to cut down on zipper plastic walls that cut down on all the dirt and dust collecting. These steps add to the life and duration of a given project. It’s paramount that we know on the front side exactly what everything they want to do to quote renovate. We encourage you if you want to do multiple rooms, it’s best to keep it under one umbrella. For Gilmans to be the design-build general contractor, we could pull all necessary permits and keep the project moving so that we keep it internal and all of the steps. We keep all the steps smoothly proceeding, and that helps cut down on some of this time frame that you’re asking about.

Cabinets from Showroom

Let’s talk about some of the cabinet styles that we have in our showroom and define their styles. Wall of Frame: We have a hall of fame in our showroom. After any client comes in with a potential find into our showroom, we typically interview them. We want to know what their goals are, and what is their project? We ask them to tell us something about their lifestyle, your cooking habits or something about your socializing that happens frequently, it’s so important. How many days a week do you cook? So on we get an idea of what they’re trying to aspire to, whether it’s a kitchen remodel or in the case of the bathroom remodel. Once we have all that information as a starting point, we feel responsible for educating them. Because we also ask them initially, have you ever been involved in a remodel before kitchen remodel? With that education, you’ll be able to answer as a designer what they want to look for in terms of door styles and finishes. Gilmans happens to carry five lines of cabinet.

  • Full overlay doors where the concept of the door covering a complete face of the cabinet door.
  • There is a standard or,
  • Partial overlay door concept, it doesn’t completely cover the door frame, it’s just one feature, and standing over, lets you save some money.

That’s one thing and it impacts their budget directly. Another concept is the notion of frameless or European Asian door styles, where there is no face sprang. These are called frame cabinets and also there are frameless or European cabinet door styles. Some cabinetmakers put them together in the late 16s or early 17s, the face frame notion, you don’t see the cuts of the shelves, and you don’t see the clips particularly for the shelves, so it’s a picture frame. However, when you do a face frame, it cuts down on the ease in which you’re able to clean. You have three-quarters of an end, a piece of wood which you don’t add a framework. This wall also allows us to understand the standard feature of soft-close in terms. Our base cabinets can show them that, our base cabinet drawers are full-extension, and they’re all soft-closes. But it also allows the designer to show them the difference of the available space in a string within a drawer between frame and frameless, with frameless allowing for more storage. It also gives us an opportunity which is going to roll out the change on the basis. But again, our full extension and soft-close. Equally and more importantly, just in case across this wall you’ll see everything from quick finishes to wood with a stain. With a slab door being the most contemporary in a transitional or most of us familiar with shaker or cottage style door. Then a variation of that door, the third door is called an inset door style. The door in the insert is set into the face frame of the cabinet, in the upper cabinet is typically 12 inches, and in that, we add on to the insert doors so that we don’t lose the space for storage. With that kind of an inset door of typically set a 13 inch and the fourth door style, is a traditional or raised panel door with more or ornate provide mitered. Remember, we’re in San Francisco; we have a lot of Victorian homes that date back to the century before the last century. Some people want to deep within that frame, that style on that draw those four-door styles. By the time you’ve kind of gone through this wall, you’ll know exactly what your style attending the course, you’ll know exactly if you are looking for paint versus wood, is a finish or wood species, and a bunch of things like applied molding, what they’re looking for in appearance, and that’s helpful.