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Condo Overhaul: Master Bath

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Gilmans Design+Build Team recently wrapped up a condo project involving a Kitchen, Breakfast Nook, Dining Room, Living Room, Guest Bath and Master Suite. Basic upgrades were made throughout the unit, making for a cohesive style that we will be showcasing room-by-room...

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Intrinsic Value of Design+Build

Bathroom Remodel GKandB

Intrinsic Value of Design and Build You get what you pay for. Construction is no different. Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is an investment in your home and can come in about the same cost as a mid-to-high end luxury car....

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The Fireplace

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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…. Jack Frost nipping at your nose… The Fireplace Designs And so the lyrics go, but how many of us really thought about the significance of our fireplaces this holiday season, aside from hanging our Christmas...

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A Kitchen Built for the Holidays

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Let the festivities begin! Thanksgiving is over and with Christmas and New Year coming up soon, most of us are making that mad scramble to tidy up our homes and prepare for large gatherings. Do you have a kitchen that is...

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Organized Storage Solutions

Bathroom Remodel GKandB

Most clients at Gilmans Kitchens and Baths have one common request – a functional kitchen. Whether this requires changing the layout of the kitchen or making a few tweaks here and there, the one thing that always helps is adding customized...

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Three Common Horrors of Remodeling

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Three Common Horrors of Remodeling and How to Deal With (Or Avoid) Them So you have been thinking about remodeling your kitchen for years, and you are just about ready to jump right in and do it, but you (and just...

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The Kitchen Layout

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There are several kitchen layouts from the Galley kitchen, to the L- Shaped kitchen to the ever increasing popularity of the One-Wall kitchen. Explore three of the most popular kitchen layouts and determine which one works best for you! THE GALLEY...

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Bringing Color into the Kitchen

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White. Off-white. Classic White. Linen. Gray. Beige. Greige. These colors are popular for a reason – Neutrality. The main reason neutral colors are so commonly used in a kitchen, or any space for that matter, is because they are versatile, easy...