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Top 6 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Eco-friendly Advantages
  • Value
  • You Deserve Better

First and first you never get a second chance to make a good impression on your family and guests. They will come together in the kitchen more often than even in your living room or anywhere else. Your kitchen is your hub, that’s why it’s really important when you have a beautiful kitchen, it’ll always greet your family and your guests with your style, it will show your own personality to your guests, to your friends.

Gilmans Kitchens and BathsCredit: Dewils

Number two, the lifestyle. Firstly, cooking could be a family event, right? It could be open to the rest of the living space. But expanding that part of the room, if you expand it, it will be more welcoming sweet, it will create a warm welcoming, will also reflect your lifestyle which is pretty good.

As another fact, efficiency. We talked about your personality, you cannot really work in a kitchen that messes you up, you need to optimize that space. and when you are working you need that convenience it has to be an easy kind of, if you’re cooking you need to find everything quite easy compared to like a tier-one thing is there.

Another thing is the designers will design a kitchen for you to increase the efficiency or if you’re working in a professional kitchen designer, that will help you to create that space with an increase if that space will increase efficiency. You can prepare your family meals and this is going to bring a quality to your life, that’s the main point. Also, you deserve it, greener kitchen. When we talk about that, it’s not all about the kitchen cabinets and countertops, but we’re talking about appliances, tricks to the bill, that you’re old appliances are consuming a lot of electricity. We are annoyed by this, we don’t sell appliances but when you’re remodeling your kitchen, it’s a process that you will also consider appliances, maybe new appliances with this new kitchen remodel. A greener kitchen is going to perform better, and it will use less energy, it’ll help you save money.

Number five, look at it as an investment, it’s not an expense. Sometimes, a couple of clients are coming here for a kitchen remodel in order to increase the resale value of their houses or their own homes. If you’re looking at a future, design is going to serve you for at least the next 20 years that you’re going to spend. In a time maybe you will think about selling your kitchen or sort of selling your home. Or Yeah, you know, just to increase if you really want to update your kitchen is going to bring you extra value. Even if you are not going to sell your home, your new kitchen makes day to day family life more pleasant and enjoyable.

Lastly, of course, you deserve always better. Imagine that you are a homeowner and that you have your friends over and your kitchen is your personality, your kitchen shows your personality, that’s why it’s important. You have to treat the kitchen with the respect it deserves.

How to Create Your Budget for Kitchen Remodeling Project?

When you look at a total kitchen remodel project it could be either like a $30,000 project or a $300,000 project, it could be more or less. 30 to 32% is your kitchen cabinets, this number is going to be just the kitchen cabinets by themselves. Then you need countertops, depending on the square footage that you need, depending on your layout it will be 15% of your budget. What do we have as a layout we have, a galley kitchen, or an L shape, maybe the island in front of this L-shaped kitchen. When you’re talking about islands, that’s an extra cabinetry and extra square footage which means extra countertop space, or a U-shaped kitchen is going to need an extra seating space that is going to create a G-shaped kitchen layout there. All these layouts are the round number here, it’s not really easy just to give you kind of one number about this over these percentages. But what we can say over here is like 30 to 32% is going to be your cabinets, another collotype is going to be let’s say 15 to 20% countertops, 14% installation, you always need to add it there other things related to your kitchen remodel. Let’s say if your demotion walls and creating, you’re expanding the space, there will be another cost related to removing that wall, maybe changing the plumbing or the lighting those are the things that you need to consider, if you are trying to change the layout change the architecture is going to add up to your total budget also we always have the flooring too. At the end the backsplash, the backsplash is meant to complement your cabinets and your countertop together. There’s always a good idea to add like 5% other costs, you never know what’s gonna happen. It’s unlikely but again, it’s always better to consider other costs.

How much does kitchen cabinets cost?

Let’s go ahead and dive into what’s affecting the cost. The door type is our first fact, we have different door types. If you’re looking at the Dura Supreme Cabinetry door types which is one of our cabinetry partners, we have a flat panel, a raised panel, even slab doors, mullion doors. There are a lot of burdens on the way to our store over there just because you need to create the cutouts, you need to put them there like the glasses and everything. But you may add those details in some of the design pieces like when you’re looking at your kitchen you may have that bound by your corner cabinet could be 50 glass or not, it all depends on your kind of personal preferences. But these kinds of things are going to change. It’s totally not a good idea to use both like slab doors and raised panels in the same kitchen design. But at the same time, glass doors could be used and it’s going to affect the price a little bit. As another part of your budget, door construction is another thing we have. Basically, we have more than two but we can focus more on these two. When we say two different door constructions the first one is a partial overlay and the second one is a full overlay construction. How do we use that full overlay? When you look at it for overlay construction, you don’t see any frame, frames are totally invisible. But when you look at the partial overlay, you will see the frame behind the doors right in between those two doors. We can say that the partial overlays are a little more economical, when you look at the full overlay side that is going to add a little more to your budget. 

Gilmans Kitchens and BathsCredit: Wood Moode

Another fact that will affect the cost is the finishes. Finishes are variable, we saw a lot of white kitchens that were trending between 2018 and 2020, it’s still kind of a trend, but these white communities are painted characters, this white color doesn’t come by nature, and as you can imagine that paint is another workmanship which is going to add up to the overall price to the cabinet, that will become a little more expensive. a little more economical to the ones that you have and painted but if you have like you really want to kind of paint a cabinet that’s what I have in my home. Also, we have, stained with the glaze and paint glaze and many more options, these are all different types of things that you can see. In our showroom you are able to see any type that you wish and looking for, we have examples in our showrooms.

Through the cabinet phase, we have many facts in it, and wood species is one of them. Wood species have many options as every material process has. Such as; Cherry, Maple Hickory, Red Oak, Knotty Alder. There are cabinet makers making those wood species and they’re using these wood species in different lines, and its effect on the cost is generally unclear because it’s really hard to say Cherry is more expensive than Red Oak or Maple but overall there will be a cost related to your wood type. But again, when you are looking in a Cherry cabinet or Maple cabinet what makes it kind of different just by the pricing it’s just going to be more with the cabinet to land that you’re looking at. It’s just not like the wood species that you’re looking for; it’s going to be the cabinetry line. If you’re talking about cabinetry which is made by grasping cherry with one line could be a little more economical depending on the maple and while most of the maple cabinets to be more economical than the cherry in the market, so it’s all depending on the cabinet type and the cabinet line that you want to go. You should remember that it’s a mix, we cannot talk about one single thing when you’re budgeting your money or creating.

When we are looking at the countertops we always make that comparison, the natural stone, and the engineered stone. Engineered stone has some advantages depending on, let’s say when you’re looking at the maintenance you don’t need to hardly maintain the engineered stone but you need to seal the granite, on A regular basis there you need some maintenance and when we’re looking at chemical resistance is just because engineered stones may create some sort of weakness for the stone. But when you look at the finishes, you can see the finishes is more on the granite side, we cannot tell that granite, engineered stone is always kind of better than marble. Your niche store is kind of different overall, we can’t say they’re slightly better than the granite but if you’re looking from a low maintenance and high resistance standpoint, when you look at the prices yes, engineered stones are a little more economical. Engineer stones could be where we would place that price a little more on the higher side.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories, Backsplashes, Flooring, and Handles

We also have important and deep detail to touch upon such as; backsplash and different accessories like handles or knobs. We see a lot of beautiful kitchens and when we’re designing those kitchens, a handle which is an over say could be the very last step, but a bad handle could ruin the overall look, it’s a part of this overall design journey. Backsplash could be different as well as the style, there are ups and downs and good and bad parts about it. But there is an important point that you need to know; you can’t start your design with the backsplash or flooring. When you start your kitchen, we should look at your cabinetry first and these backsplashes, even the countertop is going to follow your kitchen cabinets. Depending on your space your choices will take a shape, let’s say you don’t have a lot of windows, it’s not really a good idea to go with it on the dark floor, it’s always better to make the space a little lighter. Our designers will be close to looking at and you will be generating more and more ideas about that. The lighting is really important, natural lighting is important in the kitchen and all these floorings especially could be impacted with the overall natural lighting of your kitchen. These are really important when you’re looking at your overall kitchen design journey. We’re calling it a journey because it’s a process and every single selection in your process will differentiate the outcome. That’s why we always look closely to understand your needs. We are not only by the kitchen cabinets and countertops we are also trying to give you the best backsplash, flooring, and also other exercises like handles and everything to serve you better.

Kitchen Remodeling Timeline

So first, of course, you need to create a budget for that project and talk to a kitchen designer about it. When you’re looking at the total remodeling projects, the same thing but if you’re specifically talking about kitchens, as needed to create that budget and you have to come and talk to a designer about design details and tell about your needs. Then we need to finalize this point and we will discuss all these things for kitchen cabinets. What type of kitchen cabinet, would you like painted cabinets white cabinets, or would you like a little more natural side? Then we will talk about the countertop. There will always be the contrast with the cabinets and countertops. It’s really a good idea to match different tones and colors even the materials but again, it’s your personality, you can go with anything you want, we will just help you through the process and try to make it easier. In this phase, we will be talking about all these little details, even the backsplashes. Depending on the cabinetry that you choose, for example, we have different cabinets and depending on the cabinet makers deliverability or like these kinds of things like estimated delivery can be changeable or we will have a kind of an idea about how long it takes to bring this kitchen to you. We cannot tell you how long it’s going to take exactly but we may give you an idea about how long it’s going to take. Then when you receive your cabinets the installation phase starts. When you start installation once you have the base cabinets installed then the countertop templating will start. Because we need base cabinets there and we will be able to template the countertop over there, all these estimations will be finalized there just because it’s really hard to know how your actual square footage before the template the base cabinets. Sometimes the contractors will use some fillers and back up things that aren’t really crystal clear and when you’re making the design inch by inch, we will be kind of giving you the final measurements. But again there will be one, two, or three square footage or maybe five square feet next two square feet that are going to be increased or decreased might be plus or minus. We will finalize the contact square footage and during the time that the wall cabinets are being installed, we will come to the countertop installation and then we will go to the last phase; your backsplash. We’re going to talk about your flooring and preferably these selections were already made when you’re getting started because when you’re looking at your kitchen cabinets and countertops, flooring is something that you can decide in advance, you don’t need to wait until to complete the kitchen cabinet installation