A Kitchen Built for the Holidays

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Let the festivities begin! Thanksgiving is over and with Christmas and New Year coming up soon, most of us are making that mad scramble to tidy up our homes and prepare for large gatherings. Do you have a kitchen that is ready to take on the challenge?

Here are 5 kitchen elements that make any kitchen party ready.

The Sink Set-up:

There will be a lot of prep work going on and you may need some help in the kitchen. Two sinks are always helpful – one to rinse off veggies and fruit, and the other, to wash all those party plates and dishes.

Make sure to keep that kitchen sink and your dishwasher empty for the party so that guests can help you put those dirty dishes away!

The Appliances:

The double oven, cooktop, dishwasher and refrigerator are going to be your best friends during this season. Are they placed in zones or in the kitchen triangle formation? Is there a landing surface close to the oven to place those hot and heavy baking trays? A beverage refrigerator is always a great addition for entertaining as well.

Clean out all appliances a week before the festivities to ensure that they perform at their best!

The Kitchen Island:

Do you have a kitchen island? It is a wonderful place to prep for baking and cooking, a place set up all the delicious food and most of all a place to gather with all your loved ones.

Another reason for an island? Extra storage for those seasonal dishes! Clear all clutter away on surfaces to give your kitchen that nice clean and inviting look for your guests.

The Peninsula

Not enough space for an island? A peninsula still offers extra working space and can be set up as a buffet. Set your peninsula up as the beverage or dessert area during your family gathering.

The Organizational Inserts:

Drawer pegboards, pot and pan roll outs and easy corner access will keep you organized and keep the flow moving in your busy kitchen. Organizational inserts will definitely keep you party ready any time of the year.