Reijun Hammons Reijun Hammons

Reijun Hammons

Reijun Hammons – San Francisco Design Assistant

Reijun plays a crucial part in assisting the Showroom Designer by designing showroom displays, gathering and documenting drawings, ordering samples and materials for each of the four showrooms. She facilitates and maintains the Gilmans internal database populated with hundreds of door styles, paint and stain colors, plumbing fixtures and the works!

Although Reijun hails from a financial background, her heart has always been in design and she even created a website called Belatonia, which matches recommended furniture with a user’s personal design preferences, prior to joining the Gilmans team. Reijun also mastered in Interior architecture and design from Academy of Art University.

Reijun believes that there is a deep relationship with the space we live in, the way we live, and how we feel. She believes that space we surround ourselves in, reflects our internal state and that our internal state will therefore, also be greatly be influenced by our surroundings.

Outside of work, or on her breaks, you will often find Reijun in animated conversations about animals and her love of Game of Thrones!