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Namrata Agrawal – San Mateo Design & Coordination Manager

Namrata’s approach to design draws from several beliefs: the belief that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, that design should speak of its time & place, but yearn for timelessness, and that we have a responsibility to sustain and improve the environment.

She has a passion for all elements of design with an enthusiasm for mixing styles, colors, and textures. She truly believes that successful design is not about just making something beautiful – it’s about helping people build an experience they truly enjoy for a long time; it is providing them with a better quality of life.

Having lived in India she offers a more global aesthetic. For over 15 years, Namrataa has been involved with every aspect of design – from furniture to fabrics, to bathrooms and even light fixtures. Spatial planning is her specialty. Her love of color and design manifested itself early, beginning as early as pre-school. She approaches each project with consideration for the architecture and history of the space, adding to her client’s vision with her personal flair for color and texture.

Namrata graduated as an interior designer from the SNDT University, Mumbai, India in 1997. For 8 years before moving to the United States she owned and operated her own Interior Design Firm in Mumbai where she undertook infrastructure development of educational institutions, remodeled residences as well as commercial spaces. She seeks to generate design solutions that are modern, functional, uplifting and responsible.

Flair is a primitive kind of style. It is innate and cannot be taught. It can be polished and refined. When a person has flair, a grounding in the principle of design, and self-discipline, that person has the potential of being an outstanding designer.
Albert Hadley, The Story of America’s Preeminent Interior Designer

“This was my first time using Gilmans Kitchens and Bath and I had a really good experience. Their design team is very knowledgeable and all of the rest of their staff is equally professional and helpful. They use high­end products and did a great job remodeling my kitchen. I’m very happy with how everything looks and the prices were good too.”