Michelle Gunther Michelle Gunther

Michelle Gunther

  • JOB TITLE: Administrative Assistant

Michelle Gunther – San Rafael Administrative Assistant

As the Administrative Assistant in San Mateo, Michelle supports three of the designers and provides back up to customer service. She believes that customer service is going above and beyond what the customer asks for and creating a positive and pleasant experience for the customer to remember once they leave. Her definition of a good team is a team that helps each other and works together. She values being open, honest and respectful and believes that that’s what it takes to be a good team member.


Michelle has always been interested in the design and construction industry because of its artistic qualities, as well as, room for creativity. What she loves most about her role is that she gets to interact with many different people.  


On her spare time, she works out, loves to go on hikes and loves nature and animals. She is also a part of Hands on Bay Area, a nonprofit organization for volunteering at various types of events. Michelle was born and raised in the Bay area.