Janis Manacsa Janis Manacsa

Janis Manacsa

Janis Manacsa – Director of Sales and Training

Janis is an award-winning designer currently at the Gilmans Mountain View location who leverages her passion for design with a keen sense of creativity that allows her to consistently exceed her client’s expectations. Taking a personal approach to her design projects, Janis works with each client to bridge form with functionality and beauty.

Her client’s involvement and input are always given top priority as she feels that one’s home should not only be a reflection of personal taste, but should evoke feelings of comfort, balance, and daily inspiration. Having adopted a personal mantra from the quote, “Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story” by Tate Linden, Janis creates designs that are a true reflection of each client’s personal story and lifestyle.

Growing up in Japan and having traveled to multiple cities across the globe, Janis has been exposed to different cultures and appreciates a variety of design aesthetics and philosophies. She values creating designs that are a culmination of big and small details, calling them “little surprises” in each space. Her designs range from Traditional to Contemporary, Country to Eclectic and more.

Janis enjoys spending time with her family in Campbell and is constantly up and about, learning, seeing and doing new things, like skydiving, zip lining, and hiking.

Client Reviews:

“Janis is the reason why the interior design of my house went from my average expectations to absolutely fabulous. Instead of spending the high cost of designers who didn’t want to listen to my ideas, I have a professionally designed look that reflects what I want to accomplish from a design standpoint. I believe that Janis understands the style that I want in this house better than I do.”

“I would like to point out that Janis, the designer, worked with us through the whole process and I would work with her again in a second.”

“I really enjoyed working with the designer, Janice Manacsa. She was very knowledgeable, thorough, diligent, and responsible. Don’t hesitate- go see Janis!”