Gerardo Yepez Gerardo Yepez

Gerardo Yepez Design Build

Supporting the San Mateo Design Build team on the field as a Crew Member is Gerardo.
He is responsible for demolition, clean up, framing, running HVHC vents, air conditioning, and installing sheetrock. With 3 years prior experience before coming to Gilmans, Gerardo was digging holes, cleaning up and assisting contractors in the industry.

His philosophy is that if you do what you love, it is no longer work. He believes construction is an art and when he looks at what he has built he is satisfied. Everyday Gerardo tries to accomplish something that will get him closer to the finish line.

Gerardo believes a happy client is achieved by being honest, going above and beyond what is expected and to assist them in any way you can.

When he is not working, Gerardo likes to be active by going to the gym, hiking, swimming, running, riding his dirt bike, going to the beach or out of town.