Estella Bocanegra Estella Bocanegra

Estella Bocanegra DESIGN BUILD

Estella Bocanegra – San Mateo Administrative Lead

Estella wears many hats in her role as the Administrative Assistant for the Design Build team. Proving to be an energetic force behind the scenes, Estella supports the project manager, team of designers and the construction/installation crew. In addition to ordering parts, coordinating with vendors and keeping the department organized, Estella works on assisting with the implementation of departmental software.

Having over 15 years of experience in supportive roles in the Biotech industry, Estella is well accustomed to a high-stress environment and works with ease when dealing with constant changes, deadlines and demands. Her interest in the design and remodeling industry sparked from her Uncle’s concrete business and from watching remodeling shows on HGTV. She jokes about how shocked she was to initially learn that there were so many more moving parts in the real rendition of design and remodeling!

Estella brings a fresh perspective to the Design Build team by constantly finding ways to improve processes and is dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer focused experience to all those that she supports.

Family and friends are important to Estella. Spending time with her daughters, sharing movies, going on outdoor adventures and cooking are her staples for happiness.