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Buffy Whalen

Buffy Whalen – Mountain View Designer

Buffy brings over eight years of design experience to the Mountain View showroom. Educated in both fashion and interior design, she believes that function in design is primary, yet aligned with aesthetics. Buffy designs with a well-developed concept; whether with traditional, modern, contemporary, or eclectic tastes, her clients are always provided with the design essentials that are required for today’s modern lifestyle.

Clients can always be assured that Buffy listens intently to their needs regarding their space so that she can guide them through the complete design process. By doing so, she ensures success and is sure to deliver a project that suits a wide range of her client’s budgets, goals, and personal tastes.

Buffy started her design career in fashion by running a couture business. In the midst of operating her own business, she discovered that elements of interior design brought her a tremendous amount of excitement. She realized that there were so many more variables to manipulate and on a larger scale. It brought Buffy satisfaction to know that she could be part of creating spaces and homes that would truly reflect a client’s individual needs and dreams.

On her personal time, Buffy still loves to sew. She has a passion especially for creating renaissance clothing and is a regular at Bay Area Renaissance fairs. What she loves most about designing renaissance clothing is the selection of textiles and details that make up the garments. Buffy also loves to travel and blend in with locals – “It makes for the best education!”