Ardy Hojjat Ardy Hojjat

Ardy Hojjat Design Build

Ardy works as a Project Coordinator for the San Mateo Design Build team. He serves as the liaison between clients and designers and solves complex project issues. He plays a critical role in implementing quality control while ensuring each of the clients’ requests are delivered accurately in each of his assigned projects.

With a background in interior design and prior experience working in the same industry in the past 10 years helps lay the foundation for him to be successful in his current role. His interior design experience ables him to visualize the project before it is complete getting a foot ahead of any potential obstacles.

Ardy is passionate about his work, therefore he believes in a customer-centric approach in managing his projects. He feels the client and their happiness always comes first, without clients there are no projects.

In his spare time, Ardy enjoys spending time hiking and gardening outdoors. Additionally, his hobbies include photography and barbequing.